Friday, April 17, 2009


Selamat datang ke blog Panitia Bahasa Tamil. Saya mengalu-alukan sebarang pandangan, pendapat, nasihat dan teguran demi kebaikan bersama. Terima kasih

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    Do you wish to buy TAMIL CHART (alphabetical posters) in bulks and sell it for a higher price? It is huge, nicely done, good colour combination and printed on high quality card.

    This chart was designed by myself.

    You can buy in bulks for RM4.00 per piece and sell it for at least RM7.00 per piece.

    The poster is suitable for your customers who wish to learn how to read and write in Tamil without attending classes.

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    You can also consider buying them and resell it to your relatives, friends and community members.

    Details of the chart :

    20 inch (width) x 30 inch (length)
    Printed on 230gsm Art Card
    UV Varnished surface. Glossy.
    Multi-coloured and easy to learn.
    With Romanised translation for each syllable.
    313 syllables (Vatteluttu + Grantha)

    Thank you!